About Madea's Caramel Cake Co.


Annie "MaDea" Banks came to Miami in 1957, with her husband and their six children.  Annie and Willie Banks were both born in Troy, Alabama in 1928, and were high school sweethearts. Her children affectionately called her Mother Dear (MaDea). 

MaDea's caramel cake recipe ingredients foundation, was developed by her mother who was born in 1905.  Over the years, measurements and the finest ingredients were tested and sampled. In the 90's she finally perfected a cake mixture and icing that satisfied her taste palate, that has become her signature cake line today. Most importantly, her baking understudy over the years, was her oldest granddaughter.

MaDea's Caramel Cake Co., is a Florida based company. It was established to introduce a line of delicious, flavorful, gourmet southern cakes to the populace.  The cakes recipes were created by the matriarch of the Banks Family, Annie "MaDea" Banks.  MaDea's signature cakes were only baked for special events and holidays. As of 2018, the cakes are available eight months of a calendar year online.

MaDea's Caramel Cake Co., salutes the legacy of all the MaDea's and Big Mamma's of the world. Honoring the powerful matriarchs of the family.